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Csv bank file won't download

Hi, when I try to download csv file for bank transactions, after I choose the file and click on “download” I got below message:
You must upload a TXT file here (Santander 16.08-01.09.2020.csv)."
CSV is a text file, isn’t it? I do not understand what is wrong here, please help.

No csv is not a text file.

You can instead of selecting the bank pick other and upload it that way.

Sorry Paul but a csv file really is just plain text. You can override the suffix and open it in any text editor.

Going back to the original question @Iwona1 seems to be using “dowload” and “upload” interchangeably which does confuse matters. Looking at the options for uploading bank statements to QF I see a note that says “txt file” beside Santander.

If Santander have changed the format in which they supply downloads then QF need to be advised. The banks to not normally notify changes to companies like QF so they only find out when customers start screaming that the system is broken.

In the short term, if the internal format of the file is unchanged then all you need do is rename it. If not then use the “other” option for uploading and create the mapping manually.

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Never seen a txt file from santander but I assumed it would be different based on csv files being comma seperated values. If the txt file is the same then I agree it isn’t different.

Don’t even need to do that, just right click and ‘Open with…’