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CSV corrupt

I am off to a bad start, I copied a Csv file from Quickbooks on my old windows computer to a usb stick, tidied it up and tried loading it to Quickfile but it says its corrupt. I tried saving the file as CSV Mackintosh but still no difference. I have quite a lot of customers so I don’t want to do them individually. Anyone else managed to fix this?

Hi @MikeBennett

Are you able to open the file in another software package (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets, or even a basic text editor like Notepad)?

Yes I opened it in numbers on the Mac

It may be one of a few things, such as:

  • You have invalid characters in the file (e.g. £)
  • The columns don’t match what QuickFile is expecting - try using “Other” as the bank
  • The file is using something other than a comma as the separator (e.g. ; or tab).

See if you can open the file in a text editor and have a look, but if you’re still stuck, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll arrange for you to send the file over and we’ll take a look for you.

When I open in numbers it looks fine ie no £ signs. I would appreciate your help.

I’ll send you a private message now to get a copy of the file. You should see a green notification in the top right corner.

Check the file in a text editor not a spreadsheet.

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where do I find a text editor?

Did you get my file?, I didn’t see the green notification but I tried ti send as attachment

Hi @MikeBennett

All received thank you - will take a look at this shortly, and come back to you in the private message

Most computers come with one as standard. On Windows it is called Notepad.

Thanks very much for your help, I now have my customers and suppliers.

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