CSV export download error


I am problems downloading account details, when I select Export data, it straight away takes me another screen with error messages and doesn’t give me the option of downloading to CVS.

But when I download a report, e.g. P&L, it works! Very confusing!

Can you please help?


Hello @Silvia1

Can you please clarify the error messages you are getting (or provide a screenshot)

Also can you please answer the below questions

  • Which screen gives the error?
  • Do you get this in more than one screen?
  • Does this happen on other browsers?
  • Which Browser are you using?
  • Are you using a MAC/Ipad/PC?

Thanks Steve for getting back to me.

Please see screenshot

It happens with any account detail I try to download. I am using a MAC. Not tried another browser, will do, although never used to have this issue. I have 3 companies with you and it’s happening in all 3.


Hi @Silvia1

I’ll log this with our development team for review, but I understand this is an issue with Safari in particular.

You may find this helpful in the meantime: Exporting data to CSV file - #6 by ian_roberts

Thank you! Seems to work in Chrome and Ian’s recommendation.

Hopefully Safari sort it out soon.

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