CSV file not uploading properly

Hi there
Have just tried to upload my bank statement this month to do a reconciliation and the CSV extract is not separating out on the comma values. Its coming in as just one column. The Bank Extract is exactly as it was last month but something is not working. Help!

I can see at least one of your uploads contains malformed double quotes. Have you modified this CSV in any way on Excel? Who issued this CSV?

"01/Sep/2015,-11.11,22222.98,GBP,""DIRECT DEBIT         TEST TEST  691995"""
"01/Sep/2015,-22.22,22222.91,GBP,""DIRECT DEBIT         REMOVED LTD942461"""

I tried another format and modified the fields. And as that didnt work I tried all over again in the normal format. The files look the same as last month, the bank is the same - Yorkshire Bank, the only difference is that I am now on Windows 10…Not sure if its Windows 10, Yorkshire Bank, or you guys. So thought you would be the most approachable so would start with you!

Unless you modify the file in any way, I don’t see Windows 10 being a factor in this. One thing for sure is that CSV is not formatted correctly, and I can see why it would all end up in one column.

Try opening any of these files in Excel or some other spreadsheet to see if they are viewable.

Have done and they are. I have also tried uploading last months extract again and its fine, which suggests it not you guys. So I think something has broken down between the bank extract and my excel.

We haven’t changed anything here on our side for quite some time. It will likely be hard to get to anyone in the bank that knows a great deal about this, Twitter would probably be your best bet!

Good idea will try that! I just tried on my husbands computer and it did the same thing.

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