CSV import - missing columns

Hi - newbie here.

I managed to download from Barclays a csv file of all transactions in the hope of uploading, but when I go through the process I get an error as below:

"Mmm…The columns are not where we expected them to be!
Have you modified the CSV? You can try manually mapping the columns below.

The issue is that I am presented with three columns to allocate Date, Description, Amount etc but the drop down select only offers me one column to select - column 1. The reality is that I have five columns (Date Account Amount Subcategory Memo).

Any thoughts, I have screen shots to confirm issue if needed.



Please can you email the actual file to glenn@quickfile.co.uk? You can also post a screenshot, any additional info will help.

Hi - please see below. Thanks

I’ve found the CSV file you were uploading and when I open it in Excel it only has one column. It looks like the CSV file is corrupt or has been altered after downloading from Barclays.

Hi Glenn
Yes, I removed rows that would have been duplicates to what the Bank Link had already reconciled - definitely deleted one empty column from the Barclays data.csv. Thanks for sorting it though. I’ve repeated by my steps again and i think there is some conflict between csv and open office. Regardless of that, i just did a straight import and it worked wonderfully.
Thanks for your efficient response as usual.

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Glad you sorted it! I also use Open Office and it does require some attention when you open the file to ensure only comma separation is selected. Otherwise it will merge together all your columns or result in some other weird output :smile:

Quick File does have built in filtering when you’re uploading statements, so it will prompt you if there’s already a transaction with the same reference…You can then skip this or skip all.

Thanks, that merging function works a treat. I am totally new to accounting software and will no doubt trawl the forums and be in touch as and when. I was in touch a while a go about incorporating “projects” and you indicated it would be 2/3 months before that would happen but in the meantime I would be able to create additional account numbers to achieve the same function. I will look in to this shortly and post in the appropriate topic if need be.
Thanks again.

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