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CT600 not balancing - shares

I have recently completed a simple CT600 on line, or trying to and the balance sheet will not reconcile. This was my first year of trading

At AC70 you are forced to add a share value. So I entered £1. You cannot enter 0

I a. Assuming that I should have accounted for this £1 share somewhere else in the return or deducted it from another part but I cannot see where. I have called HRMC a total of 12 times to get this return done. Really struggling. Can anyone advise what to do with the rogue £1?

However the P&L box now differs by £1 to box AC80 which is the total shareholder funds.

Hi @MorningDawn,

I’m not sure if this will help, but if you are wondering how to record shares on your QuickFile account then there is a guide included in this link: Limited Company Bookkeeping - The Basics

If you forgot to enter the £1 for paid up share(s), that you formed the Ltd company with, maybe this Journal will help:

Use the date the company started trading and the value of the share(s) you formed the company with.
The journal will account for the £1 share(s) and fix your quick file balance sheet that you use to enter into the CT600

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