Currency Exchange rate from, same day

If I issue the invoice or input purchase in foreign currency with today’s date, what exchange rate will be applied by QuickFile?
Would it be:
a) The same as historical on for yesterday
b) The same as on at the exact moment of issuing
c) Else?

Why it’s important?
Let’s say I want to issue a VAT invoice today in foreign currency. I’ll need to write down the amount of VAT in GBP. So what exchange rate should I use while calculating this amount.

Once you’ve created the draft invoice you should be able to see the exchange rate used. Or under “more options” you can view the nominal entries for the invoice, which should let you see the exact gbp posting to the sales or purchase tax control account.

Of course QuickFile will calculate all the gbp VAT amounts automatically as part of the vat return process, so if you go to generate a vat return and download the backing calculations that will also include details of the gbp amounts for all invoices in the period.

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