Current Account Provider not listed - Triodos

Hi there,

Just set up an account for QuickFile so not sure what I’m doing mostly. But my bank account provider isn’t listed and it says to post details here, so here we go!

My bank account is with Triodos and you can get to their website here:

It’s an amazing, ethical UK bank that only offers loans and investment for environmentally friendly projects. Hope you can get it added!


You can upload a bank statement to quickfile, which you can, I am pretty sure, download from your bank. When you upload a statement click on “Other” in the bank list and map the columns on the next page.
Hope this helps

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Hi @Maddie_Flora,

I have moved this into a feature request to see how many other users would be interested in having Triodos available for the Open Banking feeds.

As @rhc mentioned you can upload statements using the ‘other’ option to avoid having to enter all your transactions separately

thanks! I know Triodos allows Open Banking so would be great to use it for accounting.

Good to know I can upload statements until then!

Ooo yes please for Triodos! They are a fantastic mob, as well as having a super high ethical rating.

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Yes I am looking to move my business account to Triodos, they won customer service awards last year and are an appealing alternative to Co-op re ethical banking. Please Quickfile, add Triodos to your Open Banking. Many thanks.