Current account under Merchant Accounts by mistake can it be moved?

When I set up my accounts, for some reason my Buisness Current account was set up under Merchant Accounts. Can this be moved to current Accounts at all?

Hi @Maryclare_Staples

Can you confirm the last 3 digits of your QuickFile account number please, and also the bank account ID (this is after ‘bID’ in the web address when viewing that bank account), I’ll arrange for this to be changed for you.

last digit is 772
245768 &o=0

All done for you. You may wish to edit the settings and enter your account number etc.

Thankyou so much. ( I really need to learn more about accounts!!!).

I used to actively try and avoid it completely but since using Quickfile I have picked up loads from the software and the forums. I didn’t even want to, it was all completely accidental.