Custom Column in View Clients?

I am viewing the client area and as a face painter and entertainer it would be useful for me to add an extra column showing what date their event is booked for. Is there a way I can add my own custom column?

I look forward to your response.

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Hi @FunkyPunky

There’s currently no support for additional columns or fields, although there is an active feature request for this on a client-by-client basis.

Although I’m wondering if this is something that would be on the client page or more of the invoice page? If it’s the invoice overview page, then there’s potentially a way to record this in the description field, or even using project tags.

Thank you for your swift and helpful response. Yes I can see a way to do this on the invoice name. With this in mind is there a way to view all instead of just 50 per page?

Many thanks

There isn’t a way of increasing it past 50 per page unfortunately (there’s more on this here), but you can run a back up of the account which would give you a list of all invoices in a .csv file, which is compatible with spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets.

There’s a guide on how to do this here:

Perfect thank you :slight_smile:

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