Custom email subject line not showing up now

The custom email subject line that I have in both my Quickfile accounts is no longer showing up when I send a new invoice. It simply states “New Invoice Created”.

I have tried removing the current text and retyping it in the email editor section, but it just puts the default message instead.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello @triptychdesign

Just to confirm - you’ve amended the default subject line in the Routine Emails section of your Account Settings, but when you go to send an invoice by email, your amended subject is no longer there.

Is that correct?

That’s correct. In both accounts there is a custom subject line which has been working fine for the last year.
Today, on creating some new invoices, I noticed that it was just putting “New Invoice Created” into the Subject line on both accounts.

Thanks for confirming. We’re just looking into this - bear with us and we’ll come back to you shortly

I am having a problem with the routine e-mails, up until now they have always displayed my custom text but for some reason they seem to have reverted back to the standard text. I have checked routine e-mail customisation and they still have my chosen text but when i send it is just standard text.

@charlotte - I’ve merged your post into this thread as I believe they are related. We are looking into an issue with this section at the moment and will release a fix as soon as possible.

However, we’ve only witnessed the subject line changing. Are you noticing the body text changing for any particular clients or is it all of them? Is there anything different about those clients (don’t release specifics at this stage - just looking for general info)?

Hi yes, it is just the subject line that has changed. Not the body of text.

Nothing different about any clients, all the invoices are created as normal.

Same problem for me. Today’s recurring invoices have gone out as “New Invoice Created” rather than with our custom subject line. Yesterday morning’s were OK

@charlotte @FolkLondon @triptychdesign

This issue should now be resolved. I apologise for the time taken to fix this one.

Please let me know if you encounter any further issues.

Great thanks, I can confirm it is working for me.

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I still have the same issue… no change!

@triptychdesign - Are you noticing this with any particular clients, or is it with all of them?

This seems to be across the board… in both Quickfile accounts that I use it is inserting the generic “New Invoice Created” message.

@triptychdesign - Can you take a look again now please?

Hi there… Yes, it looks like it working normally again.
Many thanks!

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