Custom Events in a Calendar

I’m new to QF so maybe this is actually possible but I’d like to be able to add my own ‘events’ to a calendar that would display on the Dashboard so that I can see reminders of when things are due. For example, I pay my business property rates bill monthly by DIrect Debit and it would just be handy to have a flag to remind me to make sure funds are in the bank to cover it!! Is this possible to include as a development or is it already part of QF?

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Welcome to QuickFile :smile:

It isn’t a feature that’s currently built in. Not sure if it’s planned, but from my view it sounds like a good idea :wink:

I’m sure @Glenn will let you know if it’s planned etc.

Cool. Hope you can include it as it would make it a very powerful package. Just moved over from Sage Instant Accounts, which had a Calendar but was way too complicated for my liking - the whole package, not the calendar, that is!

Hello @jeremygadd, thank you for the suggestion. I’m not sure at this stage we will develop our own native calendar. I think we would be more inclined to link to an established calendar app like Google Calendar. Developing a fully functional calendar that provides a rich set of features is a very complex task and will steer us away from maintaining and developing the core system.

As you’ve opened a new feature request thread, we can certainly continue the discussion and other users can add their thoughts. I personally use Google Calendar and find it to be excellent, they have a very robust API so integration shouldn’t be a problem.

Actually, that’s a valid point @Glenn. I also use Google Calendar, and really couldn’t fault it - especially as it syncs to my mobile and tablet. I’d rather give that a thumbs up in all honestly

@jeremygadd Just thought I’d revisit this thread and let you know that we have now integrated Google Calendar.

You can find more information on our new Google Calendar Integration here.

Thanks so much or this. I’ll give it a try out soon. I use Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar and don’t actually use Google Calendar, so I guess I’ll have to investigate if I can synchronise Outlook with Google Calendar to avoid enter the same info twice.

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