Custom help for Quickfile? - sales by country

Is there any way of talking to someone about how my business needs to use Quickfile? These reports are beyond me and I need to be able to track sales per country - as one example. I’m not sure I can continue to use this system and I don’t know how to contact anyone at Quickfile to discuss this?
Thank you

Hello @emmaofnine

We provide support via our community forum ( or by support ticket.

We do not provide telephone support.

If you have a general query please post it on the forum or If you you are querying anything that is account specific or data sensitive please raise a support ticket.

Regarding Sales by country, there is nothing specific relating to this but you could split up your sales into different nominal codes this would allow you to accurately track them.

You can also specify a default nominal code on the clients account.


Thanks Roger - that’s a shame.

Hello @emmaofnine

As an alternative you could use project reporting, created projects for each country and assign them to invoices.

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