Custom HTML Links (Quicklinks within Areas)

I’d like to add a custom HTML link within a client account view - can this be achieved similar to the Quicklinks on the left of the page but ONLY be present when viewing the particular client.

The links are to an external (technically internal you could say) system specific to each client.

Is this possible (I’d like to avoid having 100’s? of external links in the Quick Links area!

Hi @Oggie

This isn’t possible at the moment I’m afraid.

This would need some thought. But we’d be happy to take a look if there’s enough interest from the community.

It could be as simple as in the Client Account details section adding a “website” link for the client?

That way any user can add a link to their clients website, and in my case I could add a link to our internal system?

We’re happy to explore and discuss options if there’s enough interest.

We’ll leave this thread open for the moment for others to add their vote and comments, and we’ll let you know if anything changes here.

I notice that the supplier details contains a “web address” field - which is basically what I am requesting is added to the client/customer.

In addition, as per the other thread if this could be made visible on the main card/viewable area it would be a great solution.

I’m still keen for this option to be implemented if possible