Custom invoice design

I’m really struggling to find the option to add custom CSS to the invoice style… In fact, I can’t find any styling options at all for invoicing!

I have a custom style currently applied that I will need to have updated soon (I’m hiding some elements via CSS that will soon need to be present) and I cannot find any way to update this. I have tried creating new templates, I have searched through all my settings, I have clicked through every config item in the invoice design but nothing gives me such an option. I recall a series of pre-written styles before but these are gone too… Have I totally missed something somewhere, is there an issue, or is this expected?


Hi @zappdance

When you preview an invoice you will see a green button at the top of the screen saying invoice style gallery. When you click on this it will open the invoice style selector.

The current style you have selected will show in green with an orange button at the top of it saying “Customise this style”

When you click on the orange button it opens the css editor.


Thank you - that’s what I was after!

I expected this to be in the invoice customisation section though…

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