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I have a custom invoice that uses a simple font from GoogleFonts. The CSS has been implemented, and the font works in the invoices displayed on the website, but does not work when I try to print the invoices - instead the font is replaced with Times New Roman. Is there a way to fix this?


Also, is it possible to align the footer text tot he very bottom of the page. I’ve tried it with CSS and the texts gets so far down then jumps onto a second page, and i’ve tried the alternatives that people have suggested on there, but they didnt work for me.

Any ideas?

Regarding the font issue it may be that the PDF converter we use does not support embedded fonts. It uses a much simpler rendering engine that really only supports basic CSS, anything utilising CCS3 features will likely present problems.

There are two footers in Quick File the html footer, which just appends to the end of the invoice and the PDF footer, if it’s the latter there is a way you can nudge it down to the base of the PDF.

@Glenn Thanks for your reply. Yeah, i’m using the PDF Footer option, so can that be pushed down?

I gave up on the GoogleFont, and instead chose the WebSafe font ‘Calibri’, which works fine. Is it also possible to change the PDF footer to this font too, because by default that appears to be Arial.


There actually used to be a way to push the footer down using   (non-breakable white space), it seems however when we last upgraded the pdf rendering component it no longer works :frowning:

There should definitely be a way to do this, please leave this with me and I’ll see what can be done!

Here’s the technical documentation that covers supported HTML tags for the PDF rendering component, it appears <FONT> tags are supported. I’ve ran into a few issues at the moment and I’m directing these questions to the developer as I think it’s struggling to deal with nested html tags. It certainly isn’t processing the <BR> tags to push the footer down.


I have spoken to the developer behind the PDF conversion software and it would appear that some of these issues regarding the carriage returns were known and can be fixed by upgrading to their latest release. We are planning to upgrade the component now and deploy sometime mid-week. I believe this may also allow you to modify the font in the footer, but it may only be limited to web-safe fonts.


@ash we’ve now pushed the updated HTML to PDF component live. Using a string of non-breaking spaces (&nbsp;) like this will now allow you to push the footer down the page.

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You can also use <FONT SIZE="..." FACE="..." COLOR="..."> to apply different fonts. There’s a more detailed explanation of what’s supported here.

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