Custom Invoice , PO, Templates etc

I would appreciate your assistance or direction in respect of adapting the invoice formats to an excel format I currently have and would like to maintain in QuickFile. As you mentioned I have made several attempts to web designers to request an indication as to if they could assist. In addition I have also contacted a gentleman who advertises a custom set of invoices on the Internet for free agent . Non of these attempts have yet been fruitful as the free agent gentleman could only develop them if they worked in the same format as free agent.
Could you please suggest someone or would it be possible to ask your own developer to give me an indication on cost after which I could simply ask them to complete the task. Any possible rate increase I am sure would be offset be the time that would be saved as they probably are more conversant with the coding of the QuickFile system

I think this system is by far more superior than any of the others that I have tried in recent months and would suggest that going forward as an option would it not be beneficial to have a PAYG service wherein additional support etc would be available.

Many thanks

Hello @Dazza, the invoice templating works on CSS which is a universal styling language for the web. As far as I’m aware Freeagent works in the same way, although not 100% sure?

How much does your CSS template differ from the existing standard invoice format in QuickFile? If you are able to PM me a screenshot of the desired invoice style, I may then be able to advise further.