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Custom invoice template gone


We had a customised invoice template.

Today I entered our VAT number onto the system.

The invoice template has reverted to Standard and there is no sign of our customised invoice. Invoices raised prior to today are all fine, they still have the custom template.

Please help, where could it be? Can I recover it or do I need to recreate from scratch?


Hi @Wingman

Do you mean within the invoice style gallery?

This guide may help you find the template you created: Customising your invoice design

Hi Beth, this is the invoice style we’ve been using. It doesn’t have a field for VAT as we weren’t VAT registered. Today I entered our VAT number and now the only option is Standard under invoice customisation. I can’t even see Style Gallery…

Hi @Wingman

When you are viewing the preview of your invoice the invoice style gallery button should appear in the top left

Hi! Found it, on the left, but it’s there. I think the issue is resolved. It’s just odd cos in the Create Invoice Screen it looks different to the preview, very different. But the preview is of our template so i’m happy! :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

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