Custom Report for Rolling 12mths of UK Sales has issues after Year End

Hi Guys,

I have recently run my first YE and it has worked now thanks to Glenn! :smile:

However, I have a custom report which I use to see UK Sales Only for the last 12 months on a rolling basis which is required to make sure I don’t go over the VAT threshold and need to register for VAT. This report uses the formula:


Nice and simple… but now I have run the YE process, there is a Journal for July that correctly debits all these Nominal Codes and thus the report is reset to zero.

Is there a way that I can code the report to exclude the YE date so that the YE debits are ignored or do you suggest a better way of running this?

Many thanks in advance,


I’ve logged this for now, but nothing much will happen until the 6th of Jan when we return.

No worries, thanks for letting me know.

@CaptainNick I just had word that this was fixed a few days back. There should be no large corrections in the data now.

Thanks Glenn, that looks a bit more like it should!


Nick :slight_smile: