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Custom reports based on account numbers

Is there any way to create a report using customer account numbers? I have three different account references for my customers in order to identify which publication each customer advertises in and I would like to run a report to establish the amount of revenue each group of customers brings in - is this possible?

You could use a different nominal for each publication. I use custom nominals to split advertising, wholesale sales and subscriptions.

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Excuse my ignorance, but what is a custom nominal? My knowledge of bookkeeping is very basic, so if you could explain how this works, I would be very grateful.

Quickfile lets you define your own categories for sales or purchases. I have defined my own instead of “general sales” to split subs from sales to retailers. You do this by going to Reports >> Chart of Accounts , and clicking Create new nominal code at the top.

Hi @ambury,

As well as or instead of setting up your own nominal codes for particular publications, you could try the project tags. A guide to this can be found: Projects in QuickFile