Custom scripts not running in client area customisation

Not sure if this is a bug or is by design, or maybe it’s a bit of both. In the client area customisation screen the custom scripts don’t appear to run.

I’ve also noticed that this happens in the VAT returns screen too, and in any ‘view purchase detail’ screen.

Not sure if it is all custom scripts or just some. The one that is not running that should be is a logo override. This goes back to some older topics I made about my Quickfile account being rebranded by an Affinity account even though it is not their account, it’s mine, I pay for it, I want my name at the top of the screen.

Hi @Lurch

Apologies for missing your first post. I can confirm however the scripts are designed to run only in the main part of your account, excluding the client area.

On which note, means it should run fine on your VAT returns. Is it just the JavaScript you’re seeing issues with, or is it CSS too?

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Not in the client area itself, in the client area customisation screens in my account, i.e. Login: TRAVELAGE LTD.

It’s with Javascript which I am using to replace the logo. The only custom CSS I have resizes the logo, but as the JS doesn’t work I have no idea if the CSS is working either!

Just noticed this same script not running in the new purchase screen.

Have we confirmed what isn’t working? Is there a better way of using my own logo on my Quickfile account?

Hi @Lurch

I’m pretty sure it was fixed for the client area, and I don’t believe anything has changed with the new purchase screen.

There isn’t a way of changing the logo through any other means at present, but I’ll do some tests on my side and will ask our team to take a look.

Are you or have you been doing something with this?

There’s 2 elements to my logo replacement scheme. Replacing the actual logo and then resizing it. I notice that on the pages above where I say this doesn’t work the resizing element now works, but it only resizes the existing logo not my replacement one so it seems part of the script is working but the other part isn’t.

This all stems from the fact that my Quickfile account that I pay for gets the Affinity whitelabelling/branding applied even after making a couple of threads on it and being told this has been changed (some parts have, some parts (like the logo) haven’t).

I just want my own logo, or the default Quickfile logo. That is all. In fact, the resizing is only because the applied logo needs resizing. My logo would probably quite happily fit in the same box as the Quickfile one so I could do away with that part of the custom script even.

@Lurch - This is being investigated. I do believe we’ve narrowed it down to some pages.

Once this is live, the logo will show the default QuickFile logo, unless you override it through a custom script.

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I was just playing with this again as I noticed something had changed so I was updating the scripts. I notice though that my changes did nothing, with no amount of refreshing, clearing cache or logging out and back in again doing anything at all.

The stylesheet at doesn’t seem to be updated when I update my custom CSS. This appears to be the link on all the pages where the styles were initially applied OK.

The stylesheet at seems to contain all the CSS as I update it, and this is the link used on the pages where it doesn’t work though so it gets ignored.