Custom trading style Query

Hi, I queried some time back if there was a way to create a different invoice template with a different logo etc, received the answer this could be done using custom trading style templates. I’m hoping a client will move from QuickBooks, have him on a test file but he’s come back to me to say he needs a second subscription to have access to this feature, there’s nothing in the tutorial about that, is that the case?

I’ve checked the invoice customisation area and there’s no link to clone the standard template.


Hi, I’ve just read my original reply, whoever answered did state it required an additional subscription. My mistake, I take it i can just add to my affinity subscription?

Hi @Mushroom

Yes, the custom trading styles features does require the Power User Subscription.

Is this the guide you were looking at? Custom Trading Styles

There is a notice on there stating it requires the subscription, but I will have this amended to make it more noticeable.

Hi, it’s asking me for a one off payment of £54 for the year, is there any way I can add this to my affinity monthly plan instead?

Unfortunately not. This subscription is only available annually.

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