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So I’ve had a bit of a prod and I think I can get on with Quick File.

I’ve hit a small problem though, I can’t see where I would enter the county on customer addresses. Actually, I would assume this is going to be an issue with all addresses assuming they use the same template/format?

ETA: I’ve seen a post on this subject that suggests just filling in what you want anywhere you like. This doesn’t really work for me as if the box says Town then it should contain the Town, not the County. What would work is if you just remove the ‘Town’ tag as it seems to be nothing more than a suggestion rather than a known tag, or at least that is what is inferred when you say it should be ignored. Then I can just have Address Line 1 - Address Line 4 as I do on my current invoices, purchase orders etc…

Where you edit a clients details, there is a drop down option for Country (mine’s defaulted to United Kingdom).

However, if you go to Invoice Customisation and click on the clients name (actually on the design itself), there is a tick box allowing you to display or remove the address if it’s the same as yours.

I think this is what you are looking for?

County, no ‘r’. :wink: Although as you mention that particular setting, I have noticed it seems to ignore it on a whim anyway, and it would be handy of there was a way of turning it off for my address as well as me and all of my customers are in the UK. I don’t think I have put UK on any piece of official paperwork ever!

Unfortunately there is no county field, we decided against this back in the early days as it was really only applicable to UK based companies, and back then we planned to offer our service in many other countries, so we tried to keep it as streamline as possible. We’re kind of stuck with that decision now as the system has expanded so much that it would be a huge undertaking to retrofit this into the code.

I still have some reservations about using county, as I believe Royal Mail don’t officially recognise the county as a critical part of a UK address (The following quote was referenced from Wikipedia):

According to the Royal Mail, the former postal county data no longer forms part of postal addresses. It was removed from the Postcode Address File database in 2000 and does not form part of its code of practice for changing addresses.

Oops! My error!

Not sure about the county being displayed, but I know that for letters it isn’t a requirement - in fact, the Royal Mail are phasing it out (if they haven’t done it already!)

For reference:

Royal Mail set to delete counties from addresses - BBC News and

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I tend not to use it on every address but as it happens on the last 2 invoices I created the county field is particularly relevant as the town is one of many with the same name and/or not immediately apparent which area of the country the place is. I know that Royal Mail will use the postcode but the county is more for my own reference than an official requirement for post, not that I post anything these days.

If there is no county then I would probably say that removing the town label and having address lines 1-4/5 or so would be more universally useful. Especially if I am using the town field as a mixture of town or county as required.

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