Customer address is on the right no way to change, letters return to me

I have tried the snailmail feature but it is sending the invoices to me as my address is on the left instead of the customers. I have switched off my address but customer stays on the right.

I have been through all the options and nothing shifts it left so the whole option is pointless and I have wasted money sending invoices back to me.

I have read through other people having the same issue but there are no fixes as the button to change templates is missing

Hello @Biobob

The Standard template is designed with snail mail in mind and the customer address is lined up with the window envelopes.

  • Preview and invoice,
  • Select Invoice Style Gallery at the top
  • Select the standard template

I have tried that one and cannot get my logo to sit with it, I will try a few more versions. It is strange why they are not all default to the left for the customer

I think I have fixed it with CSS will have to check it again with another snailmail

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