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Here’s my problem. .
2 Direct Debit customers.
Hair Perfection £8.00
Mrs Malyon £18.00
I copy the Direct debit references over to QuickFile. Unfortunately, I copied the SAME reference number into both (Hair Perfection ). Hair Perfection has 2 Direct Debits debited, 1 for his invoice and 1 for Mrs Malyon. As soon as I realised I shoot off and pay Hair Perfection back for Mrs Malyon in cash and then, through GoCardless, draw Mrs Malyon payment.
The records I have now is both invoices paid, a balance of 18.00 on the GoCardless account.
I need to record the cash refund to Hair Perfection and transfer the Direct debit balance to the petty cash account.
Can you make head or tail of this?

Hi @Dsalkeld

To try and keep things simple, we’ll call the customers, customer A, and the other customer B.

If I’ve understood correctly you’ve basically got a situation where customer A has accidentally paid for their invoice, and an invoice for customer B?

So, what you need to do, is firstly get customer Bs invoice unpaid.

In your GoCardless holding account, you should have the payments:

Click the ‘Tag Me!’ button for the incorrect invoice payment (£18.00), and detag it from Customer B’s invoice. That invoice now becomes unpaid.

So our next issue is, we have an untagged transaction in the GoCardless account. Click on ‘Tag Me!’ to re-tag the transaction, and tag it as payment from customer, but then click the ‘Pay down multiple invoices’:

and assign it to Customer A’s account as credit.

If you go to Customer A’s dashboard, you can see we now have +£18 sat on their account as credit:

Click the ‘View’ button, select ‘All Payments’, and find the £18.00 transaction there:

Click to view the details, and then click ‘Refund Balance’. Do this to petty cash:

Then, go back to the GoCardless account, create a new transaction out for the £18.00, and tag it to the petty cash account, bringing your petty cash account and gocardless account back to 0.

There may be a quicker way, but I’m just thinking off the top of my head :wink:

Hopefully that helps!

I am delighted with your help.
If you’re in the pub later I’ll buy you a drink :smiley:

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No problem!

May hold you to that :wink: