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Customer Email Address

Hi, I have been using quick file for a while now without any issues, but lately I have been sending out emails to customers who have not been receiving them. I know that work emails can be an issue, but I have a customer with a personal email address which I have checked with him and it is correct but he is not getting the email, he checked junk box, just wondering if there is anything I can do or if there is a fix for this.


The usual question - are you sending through Quickfile or through your own email via SMTP?

I have been sending all my invoices through QuickFile, haven’t changed anything, but as it happens I have resent the quote for a 3rd time and the customer has had the email come through.
Not sure what had happened.

Delivery is far more reliable if you use SMTP.

I have also been getting a lot of false positives on inbound emails recently, I think that one of the spam blocking services has been getting a bit over eager.

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