Customer not receiving email

I have a customer to whom our emails through quickfile on not getting through could you advise how to deal with this I have looked through email complaints and bounces and I am unable to unblock this myself


Hi @BlakeneyLifting ,

Are the emails bouncing? - Has your customer checked their junk/spam filters?

If the email has been blocked due to bouncing then we can clear this for you

Hi Beth

Yes the customer has checked their Junk and Spam Filters. Quickfile shows bounce this has been going on for some time now. I usually have to print and email outside of Quickfile for them to receive our invoices.

kind regards Nikki

What type of bounce is it? If it’s temporary, these are usually blocked for a day or two before being released automatically. These can be caused by something simple like a full mailbox, or even an out-of-office, but usually in the latter case, it would still be delivered.

There’s some more information on how bounces are handled, here: Email Complaints and Bounces

When you click ‘send’ on the invoice there is a link there you can send instead of having to download and then send the invoice.

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I have looked at this information already.

It is showing as a temporary bounce but it doesn’t unlock. It happens with all the contacts on this particular client account and has done for over twelve months at least.

I have to print to pdf their invoices and statements and send via our gmail account.

The customer has checked there end and is not aware of any filters or settings that have been set up.

I will send you a private message to take a look at this for you.

However, as @Lurch mentioned above, you can also find a link for the invoice/statement within your account and send them the link directly. There’s no need to print or download anything.

Thanks for that. Use Quickfile every day and hadn’t registered that as an option.


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