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How do I share a link for a customer who wants to retrieve old invoices?


Hi @John_Charnock1

Unless you restrict the client’s login (which isn’t enabled by default), the best thing to do is to resend an old invoice by email. The email itself would contain a link to view that invoice and allow your client to view all their estimates and invoices too. It also allows them to access the account without entering a password as the link is unique to them.

Hope that helps!

They asked for a copy invoice, I was trying to avoid sending a copy as they asked for the same information regularly. I want them to get into the habit of retrieving their own documents.

I think the easiest thing to do is to send your client a username and password so they can log in directly as needed.

From the client details screen, you would have created a password when adding the client contact (their name and email address). It’s likely this was randomly generated by QuickFile however. If you know the password, I would send them this along with your account web address (e.g.

If you don’t know the password, either edit the client contact and update the password, or if you send them your login link they can use the “forgotten my password” option to reset it.

I hope that helps?


How do I do that ?


If you view the details of the client (Sales >> View all clients >> Select client), you’ll see the usual client contacts on the left. If you haven’t got any contacts yet, you can add a new one. This will give you the option to create a random password and email it to your client if you wish:

If it is an existing contact, you can click the cog to edit the password:

You would need to email the password manually in this instance.

You client can also reset their password if needed, by using the “I forgot?” link on your account login page

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