Customer Refund Tagging

I’m trying to tag bank refunds to invoices.

I see to comply with the guidance - my invoice is dated prior to the refund payment and I only have 1 nominal on the invoice.

But I am unable to see the correct invoice that the refund is related to.

I wondered if the invoice only being partially paid would be a reason for the invoice not appearing on the drop down box when trying to tag?

The invoices I can find and tag are fully paid and the ones I am having issues with are partially paid.


Hi @Shlee1978,

It may be easier for you to raise a credit note against the invoice which would then create the bank transaction for the refund.

This guide may be useful for you too: Managing credit notes

Thanks. When raising a credit note on the invoice, as you said, it raises a transaction on the bank statement. However, the bank statement already has the credit transaction on the statement, as the money has physically gone out of the bank.
How is this correct?

Indeed, you need to delete the duplicate untagged transaction.

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