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Hello there

Can you please tell me how to turn off my “business address” from showing on the clients statement as I have my logo which contains my address etc?

Basically I can change the invoice layout not to show my business address but nowhere can I find to turn this off when the client statements are generated which just makes them look odd?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Andy, right now the statement doesn’t have the same degree of control that the invoices have. We do plan to allow CSS editing within the statement but I don’t have any fixed time frame on this right now.

Have you thought about trimming off the address from your logo? The reason I would suggest this is that text in images tends to look horribly pixelated when you go to print.

My thanks as ever Glenn - you really are a credit to the business.

I will leave it for the time being and hopefully the Statement layout at some point in the future can be amended.

I did indeed think about leaving the address off my companies logo’ but I saved the logo (with text) from my graphics prog in a high resolution and so far on the printed invoices etc they look fine :smile:

Have enjoyed getting to grips with QF - surprised you do not charge for it?

Yeh as long as the image is a good size it’ll be fine! We may just extend that hide address setting on the invoice to the statement, that’s a quick fix until we add CSS control to the statement. It also makes sense to do this.

Glad you like the software, we do charge for consultancy work which keeps us busy and the free model works well for us :smile:

Just a quick one to let you know that your sender address will now be automatically hidden within your client statement as it is with your invoice.

Providing you have the setting to hide the address within the invoice customisation area, the statement will do the same.

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Once again Glenn my sincere thanks - excellent piece of software.

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