Customer Statement too Large to Print


I keep running into problems with a customer statement.

The View Statement runs ok, but when i comes to either emailing or saving a pdf the system continually times out.

Is there any way of fixing this? The statement is a fair size (approx. 1300 invoices!).


I see the statement you’r referring to. There are over 1000 invoices on this statement and to be frank the software shouldn’t even be displaying this volume of data on a single page, this needs to be looked at. Actually the HTML page loads fairly quickly but there’s no way the PDF conversion will behave properly with that volume of data.

Any reason why you’re including every invoice issued “all time” on the statement? I suspect a CSV export would be a better fit if the client is looking for an audit trail? Exporting a full statement to CSV was actually raised a few weeks back, I will try to locate the link.


Here’s the other post, regarding CSV exports on statements:

Cheers, it’s quite a big balance (albeit with a few credits still to be applied)!

A CSV would be the best option if a PDF is not possible. Is the best option at the moment to copy & paste all transactions into Excel then - I can’t see any way of downloading a CSV.

There’s no CSV download option right now, it’s a feature proposal that is still under discussion. You can either copy and paste from the web page to a CSV or request a full backup of your account and pickout the transactions relating to that particular client.

Quick Update: We are about to add a full CSV download today for client statements. If you haven’t started manually copying the data hang fire as this should drastically simplify things for you.


@CraigM there is now an Export Data button in the statement view so you can export all records rather than copying from the web view.

That’ great, cheers.

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