Customers not receiving emailed invoices

Since setting up my customers I have been informed that they do not receive notification of their invoice or the actual invoice so I have had to send them as an attachment which is not the way it should work, please can you offer so advise.
Many thanks, Tim.

Hi Tim,

How do you send emails through QuickFile at the moment?
Do you use your own SMTP Servers, or QuickFiles?

Hi Parker 1090,
Thanks for the quick response.
Once invoice is complete I save then preview and use the on screen send send via my own email address, I hope this info is what you required.
Thanks, Tim.

What I was specifically after was if you’ve set up your own SMTP server, or if you use the Quickfile method of just sending emails?

If you’re unsure, you’re most likely to be using the QF set up, but if you wish to check, go to ‘Account Settings > 3rd Party Integration > SMTP settings’. If this is blank, you’re using QF, otherwise you’re using the server specified.

is it only this one client that doesn’t receive them? Have you tried testing it by email yourself to see if it is received ok?

Sorry, I just use the Quickfile method.

Hi Donna,
It is all clients.
I have set up a dummy invoice and emailed myself through QF it lets me know I have an invoice i.e. the message I inserted in the box but invoice is not attached.

If it’s just a matter of the invoice not being attached, are you actually clicking the ‘Attach’ button? If you don’t, it will just specify a link to the invoice.

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We don’t attach PDFs by default, but you can switch it on manually for selected clients and then tick the attach checkbox as per @Parker1090 's suggestion.

The message your client receives contains a link, one click and they can see the invoice and download it if they choose. It also gets tracked on your side too, so you can see when your client viewed the invoice, you can’t do that with attachments.

Hi Parker 1090,
Thanks for replying back to me, I have sent a dummy invoice to my self again and now for some reason the invoice attached itself and came through as an attachment. Why this happened this time correctly is a mystery, I also sent a test invoice through to a client who received it for the first time.
All I can say is thanks to all as it seems to be ok now having not altered or amended the system.

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Glad you managed to get it working :smile:

Any further problems, please feel free to ask!

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