Customise/Design Purchase Orders

Good Morning …and yes I am new!
I am looking for a way of customising Purchase orders.
Typically I like to add payment information and also a link to t&c’s
can i do this

thanks in advance

You can enter HTML in the notes box, something like this would work:

You can also include the payment information here if you wish. I’m not quite sure why you’d want to do this though as your supplier would be setting the terms and payment information on a purchase order.

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thanks for the reply.
…on the subject of procurement. I have been a buyer for 25 years and I always find it good policy to include a link to your companies “Terms of Purchasing” Most of them are typical, but there can be assurances of title, liability, terms of payment, etc. I have found on more than one occasion these have helped when a dispute gets “nasty” . Sometimes on either side a contractual point can be argued more effectively if it is present in YOUR terms, but perhaps absent in theirs.
It can never hurt to have some


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