Customise email template for messaging system

Hello @Glenn,

Is there any chance that the messaging system notification email could be included in the settings for “outgoing email” template customisation, where possible throwing in some variables from the message itself?


When you send an internal message to a client on your account the notification email that goes to the client should already adopt the template configured with the advanced customisation settings here:

Are you referring to something else?

What I am referring to is the actual email content, rather than the wrappers design.

Much in the same way we can customise the password reset, or overdue notice emails.

Ah ok, I understand.

As this is not likely to be a simple implementation I will leave this thread open for others to comment and add their support.

We could also consider a global change to the wordings if you can suggest an improvement that would also likely benefit other QF users, obviously this is much simpler to action than building a distinct, editable template.

I was wondering if any one can help with this - we have a standard email template that we manually send out to customers when they place an order, its just customised in our colours, and promotes the business more in terms of what we do -
I wanted to be able to send the same email out from Quickfile with the invoice link attached - unfortunately I know nothing about html code - I tried pasting the code into the email wrapper but I keep getting an error message and I am not sure how I can resolve it, the error message reads - There was an error with this customisation
You must include the token @EmailBody@, to indicate where the email body should be injected.

You’re in the right area to be modifying email templates. You just need to inform QuickFile where in your HTML template the content of the message should be injected. For this you need to add the @EmailBody@ token.

If you get stuck I can take a look and deduce where this should go.