Customise routine emails for one customer

We have a need from a major client to customise the subject line on the emails for their recurring invoices.

As far as I can see the only way to do this at the moment is to manually invoice their orders. As this is a recurring order despatched every two months this is highly unsatisfactory as as workaround.

Hi @FolkLondon

Specific routine emails for clients isn’t something I believe has come up before, but we’ll certainly keep an eye on the interest in this.

Is there anything that could be done presently using the invoice tokens as these should also work in the subject lines as well as the body.

@FolkLondon - Appreciate this topic is a little bit old now, but I’ve just come across it. Hopefully you are aware, but we introduced the option to specify different routine email templates per client, a little while back.

There’s more info on this here: Email Template Enhancements