Customise Supplier Payment Slip

I need to send a remittance slip to a supplier as they have included a ensure payment return slip and you cannot attach a file to the remittance email in payment. I have printed off a payment slip, but I believe that any correspondence you send needs to be on headed paper (like the invoice), with company number etc.
Please help

We recently made supplier and client payment slips printable (via PDF), see here for details.

As per the post there’s little in the way of customisation at this stage, although this is likely to be covered in future releases. Providing a broad set of controls to customise payment slips does require quite a bit of work, I don’t have any timeframe on this feature right now but I will update you on this thread as and when we make headway.

I see this is a bit of an old topic but I couldn’t find anything newer on customising payment slips.

I am looking for ways to customise this payment slip to use as a remittance statement. I would like to include the suppliers invoice date in the list as it already states the payment date at the top of the payment slip.

Is this possible



Has this been considered any further?


While this isn’t available in the full extent as the sales invoices (e.g. with templates and in-place CSS editing), it is possible to achieve this through the customisation options as part of the Power User Subscription. If you go to Account SEttings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced CSS and HTML Customisation, you can enter your own CSS there:

The title of the document can also be changed under Account Settings >> Advanced Features