Customising Delivery Note

I want to change the name of the delivery note to Job Sheet. I would also like to change the comments "Goods received in good condition by:"
I have followed the instructions from here but still cant see how to change these details.

It’s possible but you’d need to create your own CSS style sheet to do this, it’s explained here:

Hi Glenn

I Am still none the wiser, I have had a good look over it, I can get to edit the invoice, but still cant see how to edit the D note. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think all you will be able to change here is the title to “Job Sheet”. You won’t be able to change the “Goods received in good condition by:”, this text is fixed.

I don’t know much about how the customisation is achieved but I will ask for some assistance with this. To be honest it won’t be until next week now.


I modified a CSS for the delivery note and lost the “Goods received in good condition” box.
I went through the whole developer view (chrome and Firefox) to find what part of the CSS I was missing but can’t find it…

Can anyone please tell me how I can get it back?


Please try now…

The CSS template needs to have the word delnote in the name for the system to recognise it as a type of delivery note template and apply the additional signature box.

Your new CSS template for delivery notes is called neon_delnote.css.

Hope that helps!

Perfect! Thank you very much!

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