Customising invoice numbers

Hi - can I create my own invoice numbers and use them when generating sales invoices? Thanks. Sam

Hi @Samhill,

Yes you just need to type what you want into the invoice number box. If your invoice system is numeric then QuickFile will automatically go up a number for the next invoice and if it is alphabetical then it will go up the next letter :slight_smile:

You can set your own number when you create an invoice, as long as it isn’t one that has already been taken. But doing so will also change the default numbering of subsequent invoices (QuickFile always creates a new invoice initially with the “next number” after the most recently created invoice, so if you manually change an invoice to say 12345 then the next one you create will default to 12346).

If you’re VAT registered then your invoice numbers must be sequential with no gaps, but they can be from more than one sequence (e.g. <customer-number>-<sequence-number>). Basically if you get a VAT inspection and they see invoices 12345 and 12347 then you’d better be able to find 12346 when they ask for it.

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