Customising Letter Templates


I have a few questions regarding “My Letters” feature:

  • Is it possible to create and save templates?
  • Can a logo be moved from right side to the left side?
  • Can the footer be modified (its size and position)?
  • Is it possible to remove “Kind Regards” from the signature?

Many thanks

The letter tool unfortunately doesn’t have the full editing capabilities available for invoices/estimates. Although there is an active feature request to add CSS editing capabilities in the Advanced Customisation tools.

I’ve not tried this but you could add a large white space to the right side of your logo, thus pushing it off to the left. Admittedly it’s a bit of a hack!

The textual content of the footer can be modified in the Letter settings area. The footer also supports some basic HTML markup. Wrapping the text in a <font size='1> tag should work.

<A HREF="...">
<DIV ALIGN="..." STYLE="...">
<FONT SIZE="..." FACE="..." COLOR="...">
<FONT STYLE="...">

Yes this is very simple to do, just edit the text or replace it in the main letter editor page.

Thank you Glenn.

What about saving templates?

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You can’t store templated letters as such, you could however just create a base letter and every time you want to reference this just hit the copy button.