Customising statements

Hi - I am trying to customise the statement template, but when I access the Advanced Customisation tools, and click on Client Statement CSS nothing happens - in your example the coded text appears in the box next to the item selected. I have customised the invoice template with no problem, and as the statement is the same layout, shouldn’t the changes I’ve made to the invoice template apply to the statement template? If not, how do I make the changes?

Hi @Grapevine

The CSS for the statement works slightly different to the invoice CSS, in that with the invoice it appears on the same screen. Whereas with the statement CSS, this appears in the advanced customisation area and you need to save the CSS there.

Not by default. You can certainly copy it over, but there are things that won’t adjust. For example, an invoice shows different data compared to the statement.

We’re at hand if you need any help with this, so please feel free to ask any queries and we’ll certainly point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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