Dashboard Changes

I’m sure you’re aware @Glenn, but just a quick note that my dashboard interface has changed - it’s shifted to the left and the gradients have disappeared off the totals.

Yep, it’s not a bug we’ve purposely removed the gradients (for a cleaner look) and provisioned some space on the left for another panel.

Ah… It doesn’t look as nice now :frowning:

I think it looks better, but I guess it’s down to personal preference, I prefer cleaner more solid colours over shading.

Custom CSS is coming next so I guess you’ll be able to revert it soon.

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I think it’s just me - I don’t like change!

Looking forward to more improvements though :slight_smile:

You might not be the only one… it’s very subjective, let’s see how it goes :smile:

Actually some people I queried didn’t notice any difference.


Oh we’ve also added CSS buttons to the client area, I will update that other thread now.

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