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Dashboard Data Incorrect for This Month Last Year

Hi there,

Apologies if this is known issue, but I can’t see any other Forum entries for, so either it’s just me or you’re not aware.

I am loving the new Dashboard layout, should additional information, but there does appear to be an error on the 13-month data feed, as for this month last year (September, at the time of writing), the chart and bar graph show incorrect ‘invoiced for’ values. I have checked this by going to ‘Reports’ and the ‘Profit/Loss’ report to show turnover for September last year. It shows a value much higher than is appearing on the ‘Dashboard’. Could it be that the system is set up to show 13-months to the day, so with it now being 14 days through the month, it’s not showing Invoiced figures for the first 13 days of September 2019? I can understand why that might be the case, but personally, if that chart is to be of any use for me, it’s as a direct comparison to the same whole month last year, as it allows me to see whether business is up and down of the same period.

I guess this may not be a bug, as it depends on how this was intended to display, but for me, it is a bug and I imagine others would likely want that information displayed for the same reasons I do.


Kind regards


Hi @edsquires,

Thank you for getting in touch, I have had a look and can see what you mean, I have asked a member of the dev team to clarify this for me

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Hi @edsquires

Just to give you an update here - we did identify an issue with the graph.

We’ve fixed this on our end so this should go live within the next few days.

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That’s great! I am pleased you’ve been able to see the issue and that a fix is coming.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Hi there

I’ve just seen new functionality on the Dashboard, which is great. So pleased my little issue report has lead to a real improvement. Thanks very much, All.

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