Dashboard enhancement

Dear Support,
I’ve been using Quickfile for 2 weeks now and very happpy with it.
One small enhancement I would love if possible, is for the Invoicing section at the top of the Dashboard to be able to show Sales and Purchases on the same bar chart side by side.
Would that be a possibility maybe as an option.


In the meanwhile, you could use ‘custom reports’ under account settings. Then you could add that report/page to your menu on the left hand side and see your report with one click.

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And if you want the bars to be side by side rather than one up and one down then set a minus on the debit figure, e.g. make the sales 4000:4999 and the purchases -(5000:5999).

Note that this kind of custom report won’t be exactly the same figures, because the sales/purchases graphs on the dashboard are (a) including VAT and (b) for all purchase invoices regardless of nominal code, so including things that fall under overheads in the P&L or assets on the balance sheet, not just what your P&L refers to as “purchases” (the 5xxx code range).

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Thanks both rhc and ian_roberts.
Just set up a couple of custom reports - what a great feature in QF

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