Dashboard - forward arrow for sales and purchases

Hi Glenn

These last few months, i have clients who i need to issue invoices in couple of month’s time, but to account for the revenue, i raise the invoice in advance (but send it out when needed). This means i have sales for August and September 2014 in the system, but i am unable to view this via the dashboard, as the arrow only goes backwards and not forward - will it be possible to add a forward arrow as well?


Is there a particular reason why the sales are put in September and August? Invoices should really only be raised as the work is completed

It’s for ongoing project work… Payments are made on account, invoice is issued when project is finalised. Payments on account are not sales so they don’t appear in the P&L until the invoice is raised. So I raise the invoice which sits in the system. The invoice date is when I expect the project to be completed and log all payments on account to that invoice. This way I know how much is outstanding and the revenue also appears in the P&L.

In one of my other posts I have asked if payment on account from client can appear in the debtors report.

At the moment except for drilling down into each client there is no other visibility of any payment on account.

We don’t plan to add a forward cursor on the monthly dashboard summary. You can however manually enter future dates in the invoice management screen.

Hi Glenn, similar request was made few days ago, just adding it to this thread, as that thread is closed.



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