Dashboard - Outstanding Invoices

Daer QF team
Can I request that the default for the Outstanding Invoices table is set to sort ascending by DueDate. This is the logical way in which this table of data needs to be read and not with the most recent at the top! I know it can be done manually but this is an unnecessary step on every occasion that it is viewed.
It is a simple change and I and many others I am sure would find this very helpful.
Kind regards

I totally agree with @AntEmm, the default should be by Due Date.
Any chance this can be changed please?

I’d also like this to be the default with the most overdue first.

Most of my clients have different payment terms so knowing who to chase without having to click the due date button twice would simplify things. I appreciate 2 clicks is not difficult, but I do it every time so defaulting makes sense.