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Can anyone tell me if it’s possible resize the ‘Purchase Name’ column on the Dashboard - Purchase Management screen. I can only see the first 30 characters or so and would love to be able to see the date ranges at the end of each description

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Hi @vickywhite,

The columns automatically get wider/narrower depending on your browsing screen. I know its not the best fix, but if you zoom out in your browser window then you can see more in each column.

Hope this helps?

I think the wide of the purchase name column is fixed to 35 characters. I found this:

I think it can not be wider because the other (maybe hidden - which you can unhide in the top right corner) columns need space as well.

Hi Beth, sadly this doesn’t work for me but it was worth a try, thank you

That’s a shame. But perhaps is another way to see what’s in the ‘Puchase Name’ column. I noticed some integrations last night. Is it possible to connect the Purchase Management Dashboard to an excel workbook perhaps?

Hi @vickywhite

The invoice name is taken from the first line of the invoice and just trimmed to 35 characters.

It is editable however, so if you think some different information should be shown there, you can just edit it.
There’s also an option in the Advanced Settings (under Account Settings), where you can define this yourself when creating a new invoice.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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