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Dashboard - Purchase Management - no VAT in table

There is no VAT in - Purchase Management dashboard table for dates from 1st January. The invoices are correct but the table displays not correctly.

Hi @awariat,

Are you able to give us some more information so that we can try and replicate the issue. Are you missing a column or is it just showing VAT as 0?

If it is easier for you, you are welcome to share screenshots (make sure to remove any sensitive information)

Please can you help me with this situation: when I using the bulk tag toll, the VAT on the purchases it is not showing on the VAT Calculation. For example I have attached a situation where the purchase it is £433.42 the VAT should be £72.24 and in the VAT calculation it is £0.
Thank you.

First, if the total is 433.42 then why is the total including vat £520.10? Which is the correct total?

Did you mean to input the total including vat as 433.42? In which case then the total vat would be . 72.24. You’ve entered 520.10 instead.

So it appears you’ve entered the wrong information for starters.

As to why the vat doesn’t show. No idea. My guess would be you’ve done something else wrong also or there’s a bug

Why wouldn’t it be ?

Because they said the vat should be 72.24 and the total should be 433.42. Which would be correct. But as per the screenshot the total is 520.10 which would make the vat total £86.68

Oh yeah, so they did!

Hi @Sparks,

It’s hard to see what’s going on here as we don’t know what your settings are like - If you could send a message to @QFSupport with the QuickFile account number then we can take a look to see why the VAT isn’t being included

@awariat @Sparks

Thank you for your patience. We identified and fixed an issue yesterday that would have incorrectly output zero VAT on part of the invoice for some items. Please kindly recheck and let us know if you have any further issues.

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