Dashboard QuickSearch Links

I set-up a comprehensive dashboard quicksearch over sometime and have assigned the majority to the team. Quite recently the team has changed dramatically and a new team has been assigned but it appears that the new team can not see the quicksearch links that I set up.
Is there something that I need to do to enable them to see and use the links?

Hi @gjwguk

Just wanted to double check this to make sure I’m on the same wavelength.

Are you referring to the left hand menu? And the links that you’ve added there and shared with other users, hasn’t been shared with new team members. Does that sound about right?

That is correct. The new team members have a blank left-hand menu…

I have had a couple of enquiries from my users about the progress.
How is it going?

Hi @gjwguk,

Apologies for the delay in replying to you, the development team have been caught up with open banking so have not been able to look into this for you as soon as they would have liked.

I have been informed that the list that you share with team member is only shared with the members who are linked at that point in time. If the team members are added after the list has been created then the list will not be shared.


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