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A little while ago, possibly on earlier Forum, suggested adding ability to search Account Code field which was thought possible, it may have sunk between forums!

Furthermore we had a situation where someone had changed their e-mail from an ISP one and it caused an off QF search to discover who the client was…


I’ve asked an engineer to review this. As long as we can implement this without doing any complicated lookups on the DB it should be fine. I can’t say when it will be implemented right now as we are pretty busy.

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This has been implemented!

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Excellent! Thanks, again. PB

Hi. Does this (search Account Code field) still work? I can’t work out where or how it might. The ‘Quick Search’ at the top left of every page doesn’t seem to return any results for anything I type in…


That’s been a while…! Yes, tested it today and it still works.
For example in S/L I input an account code into the Account Ref field such as ABC001 and searching for ABC brings up that account.


Thanks, and sorry for late reply - I’m not sure I got notified of the activity!

I’ve tried out what you’re doing and I can get the same result. I should have been clearer what I was looking for! Specifically, it would be really useful to type in a nominal code (e.g. 4001 - fee income) to be able to go straight to that nominal account, rather than the cumbersome reports / chart of accounts / expand or contract all / hunt for the one you want!

Does anyone know if there is a away to do this?

Thanks again

Hi @CottenhamDom,

There is no way to do this, but you could use the “find” option on your browser " Ctr + f " and then you can jump to the nominal you want?

Ah, see what you mean now!

I do use the |Hide accounts with no balance| tickbox to track down Nominals in the chart of accounts a lot :wink:


Thanks both. I’d better get my CtrlF fingers limbered up!