Dashboard Shows Unpaid Balance


All previous months show as full green bars (thankfully…!), except January this year, where the Dashboard shows a sliver of red with an unpaid balance.

When going through the invoices under All Sales, all show “Paid In Full” and zero balances for December, January and February.

Where could the unpaid balance come from?

Thanks and regards,

Hello @Thomas

I had a look at your account and It’s just a difference in currency

The invoice is USD and the balances are GBP, technically it’s showing what’s been paid and what’s been invoiced - which differs because of the exchange rate.

Hope that helps

Thanks @QFSteve .

Would it be possible to make it so that it is not shown as “outstanding balance”, ideally not shown at all? It seems misleading, as if there is something unpaid, rather than having incurred exchange costs, which should appear on the cost side.